Purpose led procurement
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Through our people and relationships we apply our procurement expertise to enhance the value created in our communities and environment.

Sustainability, Diversity and Social Impact

We believe in creating sustainable prosperity through positive commercial interventions that supports responsible and inclusive growth for both individuals and organisations.  This is one of the core organisational values we embed into the way we operate.  For all organisations to flourish in the future they will need to be able to demonstrate how they have a positive impact upon the environment, their communities and stakeholders.

To support organisations of all sizes in meeting this aspiration we have developed the Social Impact and Improvement Model. This provides a pathway for public and private sector organisations to baseline and measure progress across themes such as carbon management; circular economy; human rights / labour standards; social value; equity, diversity and inclusion; and wellbeing. The Social Impact and Improvement Model enables organisations to strategically focus on high impact themes and practically deliver improvements while complying with legal, regulatory and policy obligations.

To discover more please contact sustainability@value-match.co.uk

Our team have empowered 294 women entrepreneurs, facing gender discrimination, to succeed in their business

We invest in women-owned businesses through Kiva, breaking down financial barriers and supporting women to build a better future for themselves and their families.

A Circular Partnership

Value Match and Circular Computing are both value led businesses actively embedding social value at the core of our operations.

Talent and Diversity

6 years’ worth of NHS transactional data totalling £250M and 72,000 invoices reviewed

Creating Social Value

We collaboratively designed the optimisation of social value to be at the heart of a major regeneration project.