5 reasons to outsource or hire a bid manager

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Bid management is a highly challenging process and outsourcing or hiring a bid manager is critical in you furthering your business aspirations.  Value Match can help you hire a bid manager or assist in your bid management writing and reviews.  Read more about why it’s critical to review all tendering opportunities against a bid decision here.

5 reasons why you should outsource or hire a bid manager

  1. Save Money and Time

Outsourcing bid management can be very cost-effective.  Bid Management is very time consuming and often demands a lot of attention from senior management.  Outsourcing your bid management will free up your time to focus on other areas of your business.  Value Match have previously organised face-to-face interviews with our customers key staff members to gain more insights to help an audio-visual equipment tender for a large household appliance manufacturer, download the case study here.

  1. Improved Quality Scores

If your bid is being written by a qualified bid manager, you are guaranteed to have a higher quality bid which will contribute to the quality score of your bid.  In every bid response you will encounter, there will be a set of requirements your bid will have to meet.  A bid writer will recognise whether you should bid and therefore will achieve excellent scores rather than not eligible scores.

  1. Vast Sector Experience & Expertise

Outsourcing to a team of bid managers who have previous experience, ideas and new ways to approach a tender will optimise your chances of success.  Your team will collaborate with the bid management team to offer different points of view, adding valuable knowledge and expertise.

Outsourcing your bid management will bring a high level of experience.  Bid managers offer insight and best practise advice that can be the difference between winning or losing a bid.  Good experience will speed up the process and improve the overall outcomes.

Areas of experience could include:

Deconstructing the questions, delegating to the bid team, gathering relevant information, structuring the response, and compiling evidence and supporting documents.  All of these contribute to assembling a winning response for your organisation.

  1. External Point of View

There are times in proposal writing where an aspect of your solutions maybe disputed amongst your team.  The value of an outsourced bid manager therefore is the benefit of an experienced, external perspective.  A fresh pair of eyes and new ideas.  Managing bids is not an easy task sometimes this can prove a lot simpler for an external bid manager who is able to identify weaknesses and fully supervise the process.

  1. What are the disadvantages?

Outsourcing and hiring an interim or permanent bid manager can result in the procurement function becoming more sophisticated and specialised, this can cause concern that the business will lose control.

However an expert who is results driven and can deliver to specific KPI’s will see incredible results.  A team of experienced bid writers will also be exposed to a constant stream of new ideas from their network and much more aware of the latest procurement trends.

Whether you decide to outsource or hire an interim or permanent bid manager, talk to our team who help you decide what is best for your business.  Our bid management support comes from a combination of procurement professionals who have worked in both the private and public sector, our bid management consultants who consistently win responses for customers in various sectors and industries throughout the UK.

For further information, contact Lindsay Rosul

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