5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Job Description

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Job descriptions are your first point of contact with a candidate.  They shape the candidate’s opinion about your company and are essential to help you find and recruit the best talent.

  1. Ensure Job Descriptions are written in a Professional Manner.

Write in a professional manner and give a detailed explanation of the role, the duties and responsibilities it entails, and the requirements of the position in question.  Use industry standard terminology and keywords, as it may go unnoticed in an internet search.  Format for mobile with short paragraphs and bullet points as many applicants will be searching for new roles on their go via their phone.

  1. Make the Application Process Clear

The application process should be made as clear as potential applicants who find that the procedure is complex or not clearly defined will be deterred.  If they need to submit a CV and Cover Letter, make sure you have this clearly defined.  Ensure also where to submit their application is easy i.e. names and emails or links to specific CV submission portals.

  1. Focus on the Profile of the Ideal Candidate

Highlight the areas that would attract your ideal candidate.  Describe how the role ties into your company mission and culture to attract candidates who will do well in your workplace.  Try to keep it simple i.e. if you want to recruit someone for an Entry/Graduate level role don’t overcomplicate and potential put people off applying by advising you want someone with 5 years’ experience in Category Management.

  1. Include all the Essential Elements

Applying for jobs that do not provide enough details always seems like a waste of time to candidates and overall appears unprofessional.  As a minimum you should always look to include the:

  • Job Title
  • Role Location (including any Travel Requirements / Flexible Working)
  • Who to the Line Manager is (their Job Title)
  • Role short and long-term goals
  • Required Qualifications
  • Skills & Experience Required
  • About the Organisation & Culture
  • Benefits & Package
  • Application Deadline & Process
  1. Follow a Linear Layout

This allows the candidate to understand what the role is, what they will be expected to do, the requirements desired and why they should apply.

  • A short summary of the position and general responsibilities
  • Responsibilities of the position
  • Requirements (skills, abilities, qualifications, education, etc)
  • A description of the physical demands (travel needs, etc)

Finally bear in mind that, based on a 2017 Glassdoor site survey, the top five factors candidates consider before accepting a job offer are:

  1. Details on salary/compensation packages
  2. Details on benefits packages
  3. Details on what makes the company an attractive place to work
  4. Basic company information (locations, number of employees, revenue, industry, competitors, etc.)
  5. Company mission, vision and value

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