ASCL Conference for a Sustainable Future – 5th June 2024

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David Shields will be speaking at the inaugural ASCL Conference for a Sustainable Future, taking place on the June 5th, 2024, at the Milennium Gloucester Hotel in London.  This event is dedicated to empowering and enabling education leaders to foster a greener, more sustainable world. The conference will feature a range of inspirational speakers and workshops designed to support schools, colleges and Trusts in their sustainability journey.  These sessions will be linked to the aims within the DfE’s Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy, which mandates that all educational settings have a nominated sustainability lead and climate action plan by 2025. Throughout the event, attendees will engage in workshops focused on three main strands:
  • Operations
  • Education & Curriculum
  • Biodiversity
Our goal is to provide practical advise and support to help organisations and MATs build a sustainable culture within your community.  This conference coincides with World Environment Day, underscoring the urgency for us all to take action and demonstrate leadership in building a sustainable future. We invite you to join us at the ASCL Conference for Sustainable Futures.  Be inspired, gain valuable insights, and contribute to a greener planet for today’s children and future generations. Date: June 5, 2024 Location: Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London Kensington Let’s act now and be the change-makers for a sustainable future! Discover more and to register, click here.