Value Match Consultancy

Matching Expertise with Purpose

What we offer

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Procurement consultancy, specialising in strategic procurement, category management, supply chain and risk management, and implementation

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Purpose, values assurance, and maturity model. Economic, social and environmental procurement impact assessment and supporting consultancy

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Transforming procurement capability, efficiency and impact

How our values are embedded in our work

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Ensuring organisational values and purpose are at the heart of our approach and solutions

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We provide exceptional, experienced, and knowledgeable practitioners matched to customers’ values and needs to deliver on time to budget

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Embedding purpose and values, including economic, social and environmental impacts into procurement best practices

The Value Match Model

The Value Match Model provides a framework for developing the capabilities of organisations, functions, projects or procurements to realise the maximum benefit that can be achieved from authentic action in accordance with purpose and values.

The Model is intended to support existing standards, accreditations and approaches, creating a four-stage maturity model with each step underpinning progression to the next.

Background image Understanding what matters to us, including our purpose and priorities. Ensuring our compliance with legal and policy obligations.

Values Aware

Background image Developing a Values Strategy, by considering what we do now and our options to increase our impact by embedding our Values throughout our operations.

Values Focused

Background image Delivering our Values Strategy via a coordinated programme, putting our Values at the heart of what we do, seeking to maximise the benefits created.

Values First

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Being an advocate for our Values. Optimising realised benefits by collaborating with Stakeholders who exemplify our Values in how they plan and act.

Values Matched

The Value Match Value Streams

The Value Model is wrapped around 6 value streams which group values by the outcomes that they create, enabling a common language for values communication and collaboration.

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Responsible Action

Ethical purpose enacted via accountable & transparent organisational management.

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Value People

Respect & care for employees, consumers, people who work in the supply chain & wider

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Value Relationships

Collaborative working based on shared values & values promotion via campaigning,
education & advocacy.

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Sustainable Prosperity

Thriving individuals & organisations driven by training, employment, commercial opportunity, sustainable procurement & buildings & infrastructure.

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Value the Environment

The protection & enhancement of our planet to better sustain the diversity of life & the
features of the natural world.

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Value Community

An inclusive & resilient society supporting communities of place; diverse cultures & faiths;
health & wellbeing; arts & science; sport & education.

Values Assurance and Maturity Model

A maturity assessment questionnaire will be soon be available to help you identify your position on the Value Match model. It will provide advice and feedback on the steps that you will need to take to become a ‘Values Matched’ organisation.

Support to help you develop your values or assure the alignment of your existing values to your purpose, will also be available through a short Values Assurance questionnaire.

These tools will be free for all to use via our sister site ‘ValueBox’.

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