Earth Day – Offsetting our Carbon Emissions

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Through our people and relationships we apply our procurement expertise to enhance the value created in our communities and environment and we embed these principles on a day to day basis.  As we celebrate Earth Day once again, we look back at how our positive actions impact on the environment.

Offsetting our Carbon Emissions

Last year Value Match offset our carbon emissions as a team, to become more efficient towards our carbon output.  As a remote based business, our team work from their home offices.  We took our household energy consumption and put 25% of this calculation towards our work as well as our business mileage both private and public transportation.  Once we decided on our goal, we began researching various organisations to partner with, we were recommended to an organisation called Carbon Footprint Ltd.

When we approached Carbon Footprint Ltd, they offered various packages to determine the carbon correctly and accurately we produced.  We then used the calculator provided on Carbon Footprint’s website to accurately calculate the carbon produced for each member of the team.  When the data had been correctly calculated and audited by Carbon Footprint.  Our carbon output was calculated at 12 tCO2e.  We continued to offset our carbon emissions through verified carbon reduction projects and planting trees in the North West, UK.

This year is no different as we celebrate the environment and Earth Day.  This year we have offset 6 tCO2e and have offset our carbon emissions through verified carbon reduction projects and planting trees in the North West, UK.


Other ways we Value the Environment


Value Match continue to support Kiva and to date have loaned $7,500 as a team. To all women-owned businesses that have a positive environmental and community impact.


Ecologi funds reforestation, conservation, investment in carbon reduction via renewable energy programmes and community projects to provide access to energy and water.  Value Match support Ecologi to minimise our carbon footprint and have planted over 500 trees and 29.6t.

Discover how we embed our values in other projects or to discuss embedding social value into your procurement, contact us or take our CPD accredited course: Adding Social Value – How Procurement can Create Benefits for Society.