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Value Match Training has several free CPD accredited training courses available, our online courses are suitable for all procurement, bidding professionals and stakeholders involved in procurement.

Benefits of Remanufacturing

  • Recognise the need for change and understand the impact on our planet
  • Learn about the circular economy and product value retention business models
  • Understand what remanufacturing is and how it differs to refurbishment
  • Appreciate the sustainability and product benefits of remanufacturing
  • Learn how to overcome barriers relating to the procurement of remanufactured products
  • Examine evidence that demonstrates the significant benefits of remanufacturing

*Coming – Early November 2021*

Effectively Specifying for Remanufacturing 


·         Understand the general requirements that need to be included in the specification

·         Appreciate the benefits of ISO and British standards for remanufacturing

·         Recognise the ability to test products prior to and during a procurement testing

·         Understand the specific requirements that should be included in the specification


·         Learn how to use our Remanufactured Specification Template