How to get recruited for procurement and bid management roles

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This article will explore the best ways to improve your professional persona to further progress your career and help you to get recruited and discovered by recruiters actively looking for procurement and bid management professionals.  If you’re currently seeking new opportunities in procurement, be sure to check out our latest roles and follow us on LinkedIn.

Make yourself known

Making yourself known within your professional space is crucial, it will put you on the radar for headhunters. If you are currently in role you still have the options and opportunities in place to progress your career further.

  • Speak at events – Speaking at an event is a win/win for everyone involved. As the speaker, you’ll be given the opportunity to talk to event attendees and network among other professionals within your field.  It also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and experience.
  • Publish articles – Publishing articles across industry websites is a fantastic way to place your content in front of new audiences that wouldn’t have been aware of who you are or what you can offer.
  • Target seminars that recruitment consultants speak at – Attend local and national seminars and events where industry recruitment consultants are actively speaking at.  These are also great places to network.
  • Get involved with industry networking groups – a fantastic starting point for anyone looking to network with professionals.

Demonstrate your skills

Demonstrating your skills makes you desirable to headhunters and recruiters.  It shows your expertise and that your passionate about your field.

  • Run training courses – Whether it’s an online course or offline, running a training exercise or course looking at specific topics within procurement and bid management is a great way to get your name out there.
  • Volunteer your skills – There are many organisations within procurement and bid management you can volunteer your skillsets to, Social Value UK and Contract for Change are fantastic organisations you should look getting involved with.
  • Start a podcast speaking on your field – By utilising podcasts you will be able to reach a large audience of like-minded people, sharing your opinions and being open to debate will show your experience and give you platform to learn from others.
  • Share your knowledge and make your services desirable – LinkedIn is a fantastic way of publishing documents and podcasts to your network who’ll then share your posts with theirs.
  • Discuss the achievements you’ve accomplished.


Networking is one of the most important ways of getting your name out, maintaining good rapport with colleagues is vital in creating a well-rounded professional persona.  Networking online is just as important as face to face contact. It allows you to reach a larger audience and gives you complete control of the image you portray for future employers.

  • Build valuable face-to-face relationships – There are numerous places you can do this- local events, national events, webinars, online meetups via Zoom.  When attending events make sure your name, title and company is on the attendee list.  Check these lists to target specific professionals, businesses and organisations.
  • Start with current or former colleagues. Networking can often feel daunting, start by simply speaking to current and former colleagues as they can introduce you to new connections.
  • Maintain an ongoing professional rapport – whether online or offline, whether LinkedIn or Facebook, and always ensure you keep your professional profile updated.  Employers and headhunters often check social media.  Keep your privacy settings up to date.

Do your research

Doing your research into who has headhunted you is key; in gaining a deeper knowledge of where the headhunter is coming from allows you to ask insightful questions and will make you seem interested and engaging.

  • Identify which headhunters are specialists in your field and connect with them on LinkedIn.
  • Once you’ve found the relevant headhunter use every excuse to build a relationship.
  • Headhunters are not recruiters- they want to ensure you’re the right person for the role. So research the role and show knowledge and interest.

Say yes

If you are asked to meet a headhunter always say yes, you can get deeper knowledge and experience of what they are looking for.  This will keep you on the radar and get your name more well known.

  • Headhunters want to get to know the candidate, if they ask you for a coffee say ‘yes’.
  • Even if the role isn’t suited to you, you can still gain valuable information.
  • You’ll stay on their radar.

Be available

Showing you’re available and committed is exactly what headhunters are looking for- a driven and dedicated individual that makes themselves readily available is always a plus.

  • If you’re meet with a headhunter, ask questions.
  • Show commitment
  • Stay relaxed.
  • It’s about networking and building connections.

Define your personal brand

Set yourself apart from the rest. There are thousands of people trying to get noticed, show them what makes you special.

  • Ensure you solidify your personal brand as this is what the headhunter will perceive
  • Demonstrate your experience and knowledge of your field

Know when your being Headhunted

  • Headhunting is subtle nothing like being recruited by an agency.
  • Recruiters get into contact over the phone, via email or LinkedIn.
  • Executive-level recruiters / Headhunters are very accommodating and will work around your schedule and locations.
  • You will also be able to tell by the quality of the questions being put to you.

Being able to differentiate between recruiters and headhunters is critical, and you need to adapt the way you approach these situations and understand who you are meeting and why.

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