How to Win Business in the Public Sector – Top Tips!

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Bidding into the public sector can be a time consuming and costly exercise for businesses of any size.  The number of documents and terminologies can become confusing, and at times frustrating while you juggle a day job as well as responding to a bid opportunity.

Given the headaches that suppliers face when bidding into the public sector, Value Match have come up with 4 key focus areas as, Top Tips for winning business in the public sector:


Prior to entering any procurement processes, take the time to engage and understand your potential new or existing Customer.  Building relationships with your customer helps provide insight into what they are looking to achieve, understand the current service provided, where they feel areas can be improved etc. which will overall help your organisation to shape your bid/tender responses.  Ensure that you attend any and all market engagement events related to the procurement you are interested in, this will allow you to meet the Buyer (your potential Customer) and ensure you are in the best possible position to respond and win!


All Public Sector Organisation’s follow the same process for high value tenders as defined in the Public Contract Regulations 2015 therefore it is important you understand the process you are about to undertake.  The principles of Public Sector procurement are to be equal, transparent, proportionate and provide mutual recognition for all suppliers whether they are in the UK or EU.

You need to be aware which process the buyer has chosen to use, for example, Open or Restricted and if a Presentation will be required, so that you can factor in and record key dates, to ensure those individuals that are needed are available.

It is also important to keep up to date on any changes that may occur in this space regarding Brexit, please check out the following: for the latest information on what will change for businesses bidding into the Public Sector.


To achieve the highest possible scores, always demonstrate your capability with evidence, evidence and more evidence (please ensure you stick to word count limits!).  Case studies provide effective evidence of your ability to deliver against pre-defined success criteria therefore include them in your response.

Take the time to understand how the Buyer will evaluate your responses – make sure you find and review the Evaluation Criteria.  Including marketing material, images etc. is only relevant if it has been asked for or relates to Case Studies, Project Plans etc.  The bid/tender process in the Public Sector is not a sales pitch or a negotiation so make sure you answer the question the Buyer has asked and not the one you want to answer!


Whether your successful or not, at the end of the process, always ask the buyer for feedback.  Any feedback provided gives you direct insight into where you can improve your response next time around.  Use that information and learn from it so you don’t make the same mistakes twice!

Our team at Value Match are built up of experienced Public Sector Procurement and Bid Management Professionals who have worked with Buyers and successfully helped Suppliers win work in the Public Sector.

We understand the Public Sector bid/tendering process and have achieved demonstrable results by implementing best practice and by helping our clients win new or retain existing business in both the Private and Public Sector.  Please take a look at one of our Case Studies where we supported one of our Clients to score optimum marks on the qualitative questions in their next tender submissions after a series of unsuccessful attempts at bidding. 

Value Match provide; Bid Writing, Bid Review, Bid Training and a variety of Bid and Procurement Consultancy and Recruitment support services to provide you with expert resource and additional quality assurance (QA) to support your organisation through any stage of any live or previous bid/tender process.

Find out how we can help support your bid management requirements.

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