A Circular Partnership

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Value Match and Circular Computing are both value led businesses actively embedding social value at the core of our operations.  Value Match partnered with Circular Computing to replace our current front-end IT infrastructure specifically our laptops with Circular Computing remanufactured, carbon-neutral devices.

Our partnership underpins one of our core values; value the environment.  For every Circular Computing laptop purchased, Value Match contributes the following benefits;

  • 5 trees planted.
  • 316kg CO2 saved.
  • 190k litres of water saved.
  • 1,200kg of mining minerals prevented.
  • 600kg of sequestered carbon emissions.
  • 0% e-waste produced.

Value Match continue to develop and work with new and current partners, colleagues, and customers to maintain a positive environmental impact and by working with Circular Computing our values and goals are met as we continue to benefit and value the environment.