Creation of Comprehensive Responses to Critical Tender

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Value Match were contacted by an organisation that specialised in the design and installation of audio-visual equipment, that wished to respond to a critical tender issued by a large household appliance manufacturer.


There was increasing pressure due to the tight tender timeframe and the client lacked the time and resources to prepare a tender response which would meet the procurement requirements.


  • To obtain information, Value Match immediately organised face-to-face interviews with the client’s key staff members to gain more insight to each subject matter.
  • Once the information was gathered, Value Match began to draft a response to all the qualitative questions. Whilst ensuring that the responses reflected the client’s organisational capability
  • Value Match developed an action log, to list the supporting materials required for the tender, and to identify the staff members responsible for its provision. This could also be used as a progression plan, so each member was aware of the timescale and their requirements.


  • A comprehensive and compliant tender was submitted within extremely challenging timescales.
  • Client interviews enable specific information to be drawn upon to ensure high quality responses were drafted as a result.
  • The Client obtained a development plan of items that could be worked upon to improve future bidding processes
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