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Designed a bespoke course to introduce learners to the competitive dialogue process, including best practice approaches and how to practically manage this complex, but effective procurement procedure. Jo worked collaboratively with a public sector client to develop a course for seasoned procurement professionals to provide a detailed understanding of the competitive dialogue regulations and supporting processes. The key theme being how to progress quickly and efficiently whilst managing risk, by focusing on strategic objectives and core values.

Value Match is focused upon providing practitioner designed and delivered procurement training, focused on the achievement of strategic objectives through application of an organisation’s values. For the competitive dialogue training, the customer had provided detailed background of a potential sourcing requirement and Jo was able to design the course around this potential area, so that practical solutions could be designed during the course.

Jo built a number of practical exercises throughout the day, to engage learners, practice theory and visualise what best practice looks like when using Competitive Dialogue. The course encompassed process feasibility, timetable design, negotiation and session planning. Practical approaches included how to build social benefit, as well as cultural and values alignment into the process and evaluations. Jo is known for her engaging presentational style and her ability to present even complex detail in a manner that is accessible and fun.