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We collaboratively designed the optimisation of social value to be at the heart of a major regeneration project with Jo leading the Value Match approach. Procurement provides excellent opportunities to create social value in general and long-term relationships. Major construction, housing and regeneration programmes can be particularly effective in delivering sustained social, economic and community outcomes for stakeholders.

The procurement commissioned the construction of five hundred new homes of diverse tenures including private sale, affordable, social and council housing by a private sector partner. The process placed tremendous emphasis on consulting with tenants, residents and the local community to codesign developments in conjunction with the construction partner and local authority planning and housing departments. This has resulted in sustained social value outcomes, an award-winning development and programme, which has been successful in creating community cohesion and a real sense of place.

At Value Match, as practitioners, we have a long history of supporting procurement transformations and major programmes designed to deliver enhanced social value and improved outcomes.  Our Value Match Model is the product of this experience. We specialise in providing consultancy support for organisations to develop their requirements within the framework of their strategic values: enabling purposed based procurement. This is a fundamental and radical departure away from an approach which ‘bolts-on’ social value to an existing requirement: instead we seek to design the requirement with values and purpose in mind, thereby enhancing impact and outcomes.