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In the ever changing landscape of procurement guidance such as PPN 06/20, a global engineering, construction, and project management client faced the need to drive social value through their operations and supply chains.

However, there were multiple challenges to this:

  • While ad-hoc social value initiatives were delivered on projects, there was no overarching consistent strategy to guide initiatives more broadly, which also made gathering impact data challenging.
  • The client’s sustainability department is a small function, with other functions not fully understanding the breadth of social value.
  • The client had not established their social value baseline and benchmarking needed to be undertaken.

Consequently, the client’s bid teams were often challenged in providing data and evidence to support social value requirements in tender responses.


Value Match utilised its Social Impact & Improvement Model (SIIM) to help the client establish a baseline of their social value governance, impact, and maturity. The model provided the client with six categories of sustainability to assess gaps and identify areas for improvements.

The output from the baseline work was a detailed Social Impact & Improvement Model Assessment report, outlining recommendations and a roadmap to greater compliance to UK Government sustainability and social value requirements in public contracts.


From this gap analysis, the key recommendation was for the client to develop a Social Value Policy and accompanying strategy directly mapped to outcomes from the UK Government Social Value Model.

Furthermore, the report served as a key tool in raising awareness on the core focus areas for social value in the client’s executive leadership team and for wider colleagues. Over the next 12 months, the client will be developing and rolling out this new policy into future operations and projects to ensure social value is delivered consistently.


“Value Match’s Social Impact & Improvement Model Assessment helped us tremendously in identifying where our gaps were and where improvements were needed. This will enable us to demonstrate clearer impact in future tenders to win more business.”