European Climate Risk: Assessment Executive Summary

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The European Climate Risk Assessment Executive Summary outlines the increasing climate risks facing Europe, highlighting that human-induced climate change has made 2023 the warmest year on record globally.

Europe, identified as the fastest-warming continent, is experiencing extreme heat, changing precipitation patterns, and increased severity of weather events such as floods and droughts.

These changes pose significant challenges to food and water security, energy stability, financial markets, and health, disproportionately affecting vulnerable groups and leading to cascading risks across systems and regions. The document stresses the importance of swift, coordinated action to mitigate these risks, emphasising the need for enhancing policy readiness, adopting a systems-approach for resilience building, investing in social justice, and addressing governance barriers to effectively reduce climate risks. 

It underscores the urgency of integrating climate risk considerations across EU policies to prevent catastrophic outcomes and ensure a sustainable future.