European Climate Risk Assessment Unedited

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The European Climate Risk Assessment, detailed in the unedited report, presents a comprehensive analysis of the climate risks Europe faces due to human-induced climate change.

The report outlines that Europe is experiencing unprecedented warming, making it the fastest warming continent globally. This warming leads to various extreme weather events, including heatwaves, changing precipitation patterns, and increased flood and drought severity. These climatic changes pose significant threats to ecosystems, human health, infrastructure, and economies across Europe. 

The assessment emphasises the need for swift, coordinated action to mitigate these risks, highlighting the importance of enhancing policy readiness, adopting a systems approach for resilience building, investing in social justice, and addressing governance barriers. 

The report identifies 36 major climate risks for Europe, evaluating their severity and urgency, and suggests priorities for EU policy action to address these challenges effectively. It stresses that understanding and integrating climate risk considerations across EU policies are crucial for preventing catastrophic outcomes and ensuring a sustainable future.