Immediate specialist support to effectively manage public sector procurements

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Our client was completing a critical service bid process and recognised the need to engage with specialist public sector procurement support to optimise the outcome and benefit from best practice advice.


The Value Match team working in collaboration with the customer mobilised one of its experienced consultant’s within 24 hours to:

  • Review the current procurement position and offer a detailed review and evaluation of their bid
  • Provide recommendations based on a detailed understanding of the Public Contract Regulations 2015
  • Support ongoing internal and external stakeholder engagement to enhance successful outcomes


“We received outstanding support from Lindsay who as well as highly knowledgeable was quick and efficient in everything she provided and always ahead of deadlines. The advice given was detailed and insightful and based on evidently deep experience. She guided us through scenarios, best practice and correct processes, reviewing and analyzing a mountain of documents and emails quickly and effectively.

Lindsay was able to draw clear conclusions and recommendations from the information provided, helped with drafting appropriate documentation and was available to discuss all points and questions at any time despite very tight and urgent timescales. The advice given was clear and direct and offered balanced and objective feedback across all areas of the project.

I would not hesitate to recommend Value Match and Lindsay to others and am exploring the wider range of services they can provide for us in future.”

For further information, contact Lindsay Rosul

T: 07702 823 648