75% of Placements were made from the Value Match network

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Our customer was a Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) with a resourcing issue regarding the quality and price of the resource.  They required expert Central Government experienced procurement resource for two key projects relating to Facilities Management and Professional Services.


Using Value Match’s network and understanding of Public Sector procurement, the client saw a fast turnaround in the sourcing and selection of suitable candidates.  Resulting in shortlisted CVs being provided to our client for three critical roles.

Another role that also required to be filled was for an interim Facilities Management Technical Specialist, this niche role was difficult to fill due to it being outside of Value Match’s normal scope of work.  After conversations with the hiring manager, Value Match created a tailored approach to the client’s requirements to guarantee suitable candidates could be sourced through network referrals, LinkedIn, and job boards.  Value Match pre-screened suitable candidates to process and be interviewed by our client.


  1. Resources identified via the Value Match network and briefed prior to placements ensuring quick and efficient onboarding
  2. Subject matter experts provided for clients covering multi sectors
  3. Significantly reduced the customers agency spend by 50% when compared to prior rates paid to other agencies
  4. Access to internal resource with Value Match with an understanding of the market to help identify the right resource at pace and at a reduced cost
  5. Value Match worked to 72-hour turnaround to guarantee the customer could meet their requirements
For further information, contact Alison Shields

T: 07701 383 179
E: Alison.Shields@value-match.co.uk