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Upskilling a new team in procurement, bid management and social value


NBT Group, a private sector procurement consultancy were focused on supporting the continued development of their internal procurement team and were looking to access training courses that enhanced there understanding of core principles (for entry level colleagues) as well as understanding how to maximise their impact in social value and sustainability.


NBT Group procured the full suite of courses within the Value Match Academy.  Each course explores the various stages of the procurement, importantly from a buyers and suppliers perspective with an emphasis on social value, climate, environment, circular economy and achieving a net-zero economy.  The courses build capability based on ‘real life’ experiences with downloadable practical templates ready to use and implement in to learners day to day environment.


NBT Group collectively found the courses to be easy to follow and informative.  Sharmin Akhter, Procurement Manager at NBT Group advised “The team have overall benefited from the courses by understanding and strengthening their knowledge of social value and procurement best practices.  Team members that are part of CIPS the professional body for procurement and supply chain professionals are registering the hours they’re archiving against our courses as part of their chartered membership journey.”

Sharmin continued, “Overall the feedback gathered from the NBT Group team is overwhelmingly positive.  The courses serve as a great starting point for those members who are new to procurement and supply chain and for those that are coming back to procurement after a career break, as each course delves deep enough into each subject matter that there is still a lot to be learnt.”

For further information, contact Lindsay Rosul

T: 07702 823 648