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Ensured our customer won a place on the largest pan government framework agreement


The client required independent advice, support and guidance on the qualitative areas required to win a forthcoming public sector tenders, as well as understanding where their commercial offering lies in comparison to their competitors within the industry.


Value Match established a cross functional team with support from the customer:

  • Undertook an independent review of previous bids and feedback, combined with other market intelligence to identify technical and commercial market positioning
  • Established a customer and bid management plan to optimise understanding of key evaluation criteria
  • Identified areas of potential market differentiation and weaknesses, addressed these with the customer to improve capability in critical areas, e.g. social value and new customer mobilisation
  • Undertook a commercial benchmarking exercise
  • Provided independent assurance and reviews of responses prior to submission assisting the customer in improving impact and accuracy of responses
  1. Won a place on the largest pan government framework agreement
  2. Established approach and strategy for mini-competition success
  3. Supported the client in the shaping commercial strategy for the framework and for future mini competitions
  4. Created standard documentation, processes and bid management approach for future frameworks and mini competitions
For further information, contact Lindsay Rosul

T: 07957 110 938