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Value Match successfully delivered multiple hires for HGS, supporting the quick turnaround time required for a critical Public Sector contract.


Value Match has worked with digital CX leader, HGS for the last 4 years, through its bid management and consultancy practices.  In late 2020 HGS had a critical and highly time sensitive resourcing requirement for a new Public Sector contract.  Value Match was selected due to its extensive Public Sector experience and proven ability to conduct targeted talent acquisition activities for key Solutions and Project roles.


Value Match provide rapid access to experienced procurement and project management professionals via its Value Match Network, and demonstrated its expertise to target talent outside its network, to best fit HGS’s requirements.  The Value Match solution delivered as follows:

  • Initial calls were set-up with HGS to identify and agree a clear process to provide a shortlist of suitable candidates with Public Sector experience and key skills, meeting the quick turnaround time of 48 hours
  • Leveraged the Value Match network to identify and proactively engage with suitable candidates
  • Adverts posted across the Value Match network to extend reach into existing candidate base
  • Used specialist job boards and niche targeting on LinkedIn to help identify further talent outside the Value Match network
  • Provided a range of flexible pricing options for Fixed Term vs Interim Contract
  • Pre-screening process delivered to assess candidates experience and suitability for the role
  • Reacted to feedback to ensure we were providing HGS with the correct talent for the positions


  1. 6 specialist roles filled via the Value Match Network
  2. Successfully delivered all HGS’s requirements within 14 days (from receipt of needs to placement)
  3. Great working relationship with the HGS team, with a full understanding of what they deliver as a business and meeting high client standards
  4. Reinforcement of the strategic relationship and continued support of their business needs
For further information, contact Alison Shields

T: 07701 383 179
E: Alison.Shields@value-match.co.uk