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Helping suppliers effectively bid into the NHS creating more competition and introducing innovation


An NHS customer wanted to support the introduction of new suppliers for specific procurement exercises and into the sector in general, with a particular focus upon SME’s and those companies that could provide innovative solutions and increased competition to existing suppliers.


Value Match working closely with the customer created a bespoke solution that would help suppliers navigate through the EU procurement regulations and understand how to effectively build relationships, the half day course included:

  • Simple understanding of the sector, key players and organisations and challenges
  • Outlined basic procurement processes and approaches whether sub-OJEU or following EU Regulations
  • Training practical in nature with the trainer being an experienced ex-NHS procurement manager, with simple do’s and don’ts, the basics of how to effectively respond to opportunities
  • Provide links to find possible opportunities and potential contracting vehicles
  • Provide links and templates to key information
  1. Cost effect training provided to 50+ SME’s over 2 days
  2. Excellent feedback provided by our NHS Customer with overall average rating from suppliers attending the course ranging from excellent to very good
  3. An increase in competition for those targeted procurement exercises
For further information, contact Lindsay Rosul

T: 07590 266 515