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In partnership with a private sector client we created a customer focused procurement team with diverse capabilities and experience.  The requirement was to support a rapid growth in revenue, introduce blended technical skills, multi-sector experience anchored around procurement, with all roles needing strong communication and customer focus.

Value Match began by interviewing the customer to establish their values and define their requirements for each specific role, to ensure a capability and cultural fit.  It was clear that in addition to traditional skills a resonance with the environment and local community was critical to the customer’s values.  The customer had a long and demonstratable commitment to community values and supported the local community through various charity projects.  The cultural and values fit informed all stages of the process, from job specification development, candidate search through to assessment and interview stages.

The customer commitment to the process was exceptional, and for certain roles it was clear that to attract a pool of candidates some adjustments to existing salary bands was required, both up and down, based upon the available candidates and the potential value they would bring to the customer.  Due to this high-level of engagement and partnership approach we were able to fully resource the entire team across the UK over a 6-month period.  The team is now bedding in and successfully meeting their business strategy and targets.

As with all assignments, the resourcing team keeps in touch with the customer and successful applicants to ensure the process provides a sustained solution for all parties and to learn any lessons from the project.  Our biggest take-away was to ensure there was a common understanding of the balance between technical and communication skills, and specifically the technical areas the customer was prepared to support successful candidates to close any gaps in knowledge.