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Our team at Value Match are a mixture of experienced procurement and bid management professionals, that will deliver a wealth of experience to your business.  Our vast experience in public sector procurement enables us to be equipped with a detailed understanding and practical insight into achieving the top marks when submitting a response to a public sector bid.

SME’s often face difficulties in breaking into the public sector market and securing contracts and/or places on major framework agreements, due to the complex nature of public sector procurement rules and the size and scale of responding to complex tenders.  This is where Value Match can be of assistance!

At Value Match, we can support you from the beginning, through to the end of the bidding process for as much and as little as you need creating a tailored flexible service to suit your organisations requirements.  We can provide your organisation with access to experienced resource and market leading services, which can help deliver the optimum bid submission that will maximise your organisations chances of winning valuable contracts or places on a framework agreements.

Bid Management Services

Our Bid Management Services include:

 Bid Writing: We can help write as much and/or as little of your bid for you – offering you complete flexibility to meet your workload and budgets! We can supplement your organisations own Bid Writers, particularly for large and complex bids, where often additional capacity is required to address all parts of a bid submission or at times when there are multiple bids to respond to, but all with competing and conflicting deadlines.

– Bid Review: Even for organisations who are experienced in writing and winning bids, it is often a good idea to have a third party review to ensure your response is scoring maximum marks across its submission.  The ability to consistently secure maximum marks throughout a bid response is often the difference between winning and losing business.  Similar to our Bid Writing service this is completely flexible to suit your business needs.  Our Bid Review service will give you mock scoring and recommendations for improvement against the Evaluation Criteria set allowing you to improve your bid prior to submission to help achieve top marks.  This service is provided only by our experienced Public Sector procurement professionals who have unrivaled experience of evaluating and awarding bids/tenders in the Public Sector.

– Bid Training: We can provide your team with the training and development of skills needed for your business to be able to improve and win business itself.  Our training will teach you to identify opportunities, organise your team and highlight the key areas to address in a bid response to improve your chances of being successful.  Our training covers areas relating to both angles of the bid/tender process and is delivered by experienced Public Sector procurement professionals ensuring that you can get a real feel and understanding of what the Buyer is looking for to help improve your bid responses.

Through the delivery of these services, we have consistently delivered results by helping a large number of our clients achieve 100% scoring on their Quality/Technical submissions which as a result has led to a high bid win success rate, and our clients winning multiple contracts or places on major framework agreements.

For further information, contact Lindsay Rosul

T: 07702 823 648
E: Lindsay.Rosul@value-match.co.uk