June Kiva Update

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During the last month we have continued to support women-owned businesses with a positive environmental and community impact via Kiva.  Throughout May and June we have completed 8 loans and contributed to 3 that are still fund raising.  As a team we have loaned an additional $1,000 and so far loaned $9,375 across 112 loans.

These are the projects we have contributed towards.

Alice’s Group’s story

Alice is a 54-year-old mother of 5, as a group leader she represents her groups 11 farmers in Alego District, Kenya.

Alice is returning after paying back her last loan, this season Alice is partnered with One Acre Fund which enables her to earn enough to feed her family, this is why Alice is a member of Kiva.  Alice is happy to that she made the decision to apply for funding through Kiva as this has enabled her to feed her family.  The profits made from this season will go towards sending her children to school.

The group will use this loan to purchase seeds and fertilizer to plant 4.5 acres of land. Given that some members of the group will also be purchasing a solar light, with this loan, the group will also be able to purchase a solar light.

Yadi Del Socorro’s story

Yadi is a young woman who raises two children alone as a single mother.  Yadi started selling fruits at the market, but over time, has transitioned to agriculture by planting cassava and corn.  Now she also cultivates bananas as her business takes off.

Yadi chose to request a Kiva loan from MiCrédito in order to pay for the maintenance of two plots of bananas, fertilizers, and compost. Soon, she would like to expand and diversify her crops.

Fatmata’s Female Farmers Group’s story

Fatmata C is the the featured borrower of Fatmata’s Female Farmers.  Last season they got a loan which enabled the group’s members to become independent from local lender who were charging almost 100% interest.  This resulted in all the group fully recovering their businesses and repaying their first loan from Kiva and are back to successfully farming their land.

Fatamata is looking for a second loan to further expand her and her groups businesses.  The COVID-19 pandemic has started to cause food shortages in areas of Sierra Leone and rice is becoming more limited.  The profits from this loan will guarantee all the members children go to school.

Suha’s story

47-year-old and mother of 3 Suha, lives with her family in Ya’abad village, West Bank. Her husband is a taxi driver however, his income just about covers their basic needs.  Suha works on a farm to help support her husband and provide for her children, the farm grows various vegetables and sells them.

Suha turned to Palestine for Credit and Development FATEN to request a loan to purchase seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides for her land.  This will increase her production and enhance her income.

Kiva is a great not-for-profit organisation that uses loans in order to create a sustainable way of donating.  Value Match has been supporting them for several years and we will continue to do so.

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