Leanvation Scoop 2 National NHS Related Framework Awards

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Leanvation’s innovative surgical gloves are now available across the NHS as a result of the organisation successfully securing places on two new NHS Frameworks. Working with procurement & bid management consultancy Value Match, Leanvation now has a position on both the recently awarded NHS Shared Business Service Framework for Medical Consumables and the Health Trust Europe framework for the Supply of Medical and non-medical gloves.

With an increasing need and pressure on the NHS to improve efficiency, unlocking innovation from small businesses is a key part of the strategy to revive the health service.  However the complexity of the NHS and the demanding requirements of EU procurement rules can make it hard for SMEs to find a way in.

Leanvation is a North West based SME and, having launched its product range in January 2014, had no previous experience of securing business in the public sector through an OJEU procurement process.

Supported by the North West Coast Academic Health Science Network, Leanvation partnered with Value Match to manage both Framework applications. This allowed Leanvation to concentrate on customer facing activities and product development while the team at Value Match managed the entire framework application process on their behalf.  Leveraging their extensive experience as public sector buyers, Value Match ensured that the detailed application process was carefully navigated, including challenging key elements which, otherwise, would have provided barriers to entry.

Dr Jonathan Day, Managing Director of Leanvation commented, “Value Match have become a key strategic partner of the Leanvation business. Through their efforts and support, we have been able to ensure that the innovative range of Leanvation surgical gloves are now available to the entirety of the UK NHS through a OJEU compliant route.  What’s more, the expertise of the Apsiz Services team helped us secure the highest score of all vendors in the recently awarded HealthTrust Europe nationwide procurement framework for surgical gloves.

“Thanks to the support of the Academic Health Science Network and the introduction to Value Match they provided, we’ve achieved something that many small businesses find difficult to accomplish.  I have every confidence that we can gain access to all future nationwide procurement frameworks.”

David Shields, Director of Value Match added, “Submitting tenders is time consuming and diverts resources away from the day to day management of the business.  When bidding for work in an OJEU procurement process, you need a detailed understanding of what the procurement team is looking for and ensure the response fully capitalises on your business strengths.  It’s not just a case of writing a sales pitch but of considering all questions and marking structure carefully, and ensuring you have the right business processes set up to support your tender.”

“I’m really pleased with what we’ve helped Leanvation to achieve.  This is a perfect example of how SMEs can work together and also, very importantly, help the NHS access the innovative products and services it needs to drive efficiency.”

Leanvation’s range of surgical gloves, based on the latest material technology, deliver heightened levels of fit, feel, and comfort while significantly reducing the risk of allergy. Since every single Leanvation glove is inspected for defects, in-use failures are reduced to a minimum. Coupled with the versatility of the range across a wide range of surgical specialities, the Leanvation surgical glove range offer huge rationalisation opportunities, thus saving costs while improving clinical practice.