Appointment of multiple public sector senior consultants

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Value Match successfully supported our partner Billmonitor with the appointment of multiple candidates to support business growth.


Our partner Billmonitor provide hands on advice to the public and private sector to identify cost savings against mobile phone bills.  As part of their strategic objectives, Billmonitor are looking to support more public sector clients in identifying those cashable savings therefore they were recruiting individuals to work within their sales and account management teams who have a particular knowledge of the sector.


Value Match worked closely with Billmonitor to define and understand the requirements before approaching the market.  We utilised our vast network of experienced professionals, to provide a shortlist of suitable candidates with a specific background of sales and working within the public sector.

We were able to refine our search based on customer feedback as their understanding of their needs also matured.


  1. Our regular engagement ensured exceptionally high-quality candidates were put forward that matched customer needs as they developed.
  2. Billmonitor were looking to source one candidate and following the interview process, decided to appoint a second candidate into position.
For further information, contact Alison Shields

T: 07701 383 179