Bid Decision

It is critical to review all tendering opportunity against a bid decision process that aligns parallel to what your organisation is trying to achieve. Without a bid decision process, you run the risk of wasting time tendering for an opportunity that does not support your long-term objectives. Start with the basics (below) and tailor/add to the questions to fit your goals!

Stage 1 Questions

  1. Does the opportunity fit within the strategic direction of your organisation?
  2. Do you/your organisation have the relevant experience to fulfil the specification
  3. Do you understand all the specification?
  4. Can you deliver the contract (with no/ minor changes to BAU activity)?

Answering ‘No’ to any of the above probably means you need to step back and take stock, why do you want to bid for this if it doesn’t align to your objectives? Are those changing? Check where you are at internally and come back to review.

Stage 2 Questions

  1. Do you have the time and resource and write an excellent response?
  2. Do you understand the procurement process and what is being asked of you?

Answering ‘No’ to any of the above is not the end of the world, Value Match can assist and support your bid management requirements. Value Match specifically focus on providing the following support to our clients in

  • Bid Writing
  • Bid Management
  • Bid Management & Procurement Training
  • Independent Bid Reviewing
  • Bid Resourcing

Our bid management offering is flexible and will match your organisations requirements from strategy to implementation, our team can be engaged to support your requirements throughout the bid process.

Our bid management support comes from a combination of procurement professionals who have worked in the private and public sector and bid management consultants who constantly win responses for customers in various sectors/industries in the UK.

Our exposure to hands on delivery of public sector procurement means we have a great understanding of what the Buyer is looking for.

For further information, contact Lindsay Rosul

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