Interviews arranged and role offered within 24 hours of receipt of enquiry

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Value Match was supporting a private sector organisation that was focused on providing trusted Cloud Technology to the UK public sector.  Internal bid resource was small but successful.  A large volume of bids over a short timescale meant the client required expert bid support, with experience in Cloud Hosting bids into the Public Sector.  There were five opportunities that needed supporting over a 12-week period which covered Central Government, Local Government, NHS, and Utilities.


Value Match met with the commercial director and were able to identify a clear process to provide a shortlist of suitable candidates with a specific background of bidding into the public sector around technology and cloud related technology/services.

Using the Value Match network, we were able to find expert bid resources with a focus on bidding into the public sector.  Our network covers all key categories in the public sector.  Value Match were able to quickly identify suitable resources to discuss the opportunity, their availability and potential interest in the role.

Candidates with backgrounds in bidding into the public sector and around Cloud Technology were contacted and put forward to the commercial director within a four-hour turnaround following the receipt of enquiry with interviews being arranged the following day.


  1. 100% of candidates shortlisted and placed were already known by Value Match and in our network.
  2. Shortlist of CVs provided to the hiring manager four-hours following enquiry
  3. Interviews arranged and role offered within 24 hours of enquiry.
  4. Expert resource provided for must win public sector bids relating to Cloud Services
For further information, contact Alison Shields

T: 07701 383 179