FMCG Urgent Project

With a 72 hour turnaround Value Match identified and provided on-site procurement resources


Value Match had worked with our customer for some time, a specialist consultancy company, who had a strong base of procurement consultants in place, however, due to an urgent requirement needed interim resources to be deployed immediately.


Value Match, using its own commercial capability, validated the requirements and prioritised the experience and capability needed:

  • Provided a full-time project manager to support the resourcing approach due to the urgent timescales and specialist subject matter area
  • A small blended team of supply chain managers and analysts was required
  • Specific sector expertise was critical due to the supply chain risk associated with the project, this significantly narrowed the candidate criteria
  • Quickly advised the customer of the realistic day rates expected for the different levels within the team
  • Sourced candidates from the Value Match network
  1. Resources identified, contracted with, and fully briefed prior to being needed on-site
  2. Resources identified within the commercial cost framework needed for the customer to ensure a reasonable profit margin despite urgent requirement
  3. Recommended to the customer that we build an accredited pool of interim procurement and commercial resources to meet future potential requirements, to reduce the risk for future projects
For further information, contact Emily Stewart

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