Maximising Value and Minimising Carbon Footprint: An Academies Trust’s Successful Partnership for Efficient and Sustainable Waste Management

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  5. Maximising Value and Minimising Carbon Footprint: An Academies Trust’s Successful Partnership for Efficient and Sustainable Waste Management
Successful partnership between a Trust and a waste management company that has led to the efficient and sustainable management of waste.  The partnership not only helped the trust to minimise its carbon footprint but also maximise value by reducing costs and generating income from waste streams.


The Academies Trust are a growing trust and as part of their growth they were looking at their current waste management provision across the multiple sites.  The Trust wanted to appoint a supplier to deliver an efficient and effective waste management service across all schools within the Trust to achieve a safe and environmentally sound provision, whilst adopting a proactive partnership approach to sustainability.  The Trust are also working towards the eco-school programme and were looking for a supplier to provide expertise as part of this contract. A primary objective is to maximise value for money through collection efficiency while ensuring their carbon footprint is minimised to improve the Trust’s sustainability performance.


Value Match understood the challenges the Trust faced and conducted the procurement by;
  • Engaging with the Trust’s stakeholders to develop a suitable specification that met the core service requirements as well as strategic sustainability objectives and the eco-schools programme.
  • Utilising the YPO DPS for Building in Use Support Services, Lot 8 Waste Management
  • Engaging with the Trust to understand the incumbent suppliers and supported those suppliers to register on the YPO DPS to ensure they could be included within the tender
  • Compiling the appropriate documentation and managing the end-to-end process to ensure compliance with procurement legislation, equal treatment of bidders and transparency
  • Evaluation training was conducted with the evaluation panel to provide an understanding of the process and what was expected of the team to ensure fair and equal treatment of bidders
  • Managing the technical, commercial and moderation evaluation process along with preparing evaluation reports and supplier debriefing letters/discussions
  • Drafting and finalisation of the Contract for signatures


 Through the delivery of the solution the Trust were able to achieve;
  1. A complete and compliant, cost-effective procurement process resulting in the most economically advantageous tender being awarded.
  2. The appointment of a supplier that can deliver a high quality service through a solution that is scalable for the Trust and will provide additional sustainability and social value benefits to meet strategic objectives
  3. The appointment of a single service provider with an account management structure and proactive contract management reviews
  4. Savings of 11.8% across the contract


The Trust were able to achieve the following efficiency benefits from the procurement:
  1. One single supplier to deliver waste management services across all academies
  2. One supplier, contract and KPIs to manage across the Trust
  3. Reduced number of invoices to manage
  4. Able to scale up the contract to add additional academies as the Trust grows
  5. Further efficiencies to be identified throughout the contract on environmental, waste and sustainability impact.
The Trust were able to appoint a supplier with a commitment to developing a partnership to deliver Added Value, Social Value and Sustainability throughout the contract.


  1. Biffa will provide carbon footprint reporting to support the Trust with their scope 3 carbon emissions
  2. Support for the Trust, becoming more sustainable and managing the environmental impact by introducing a programme to review how waste is managed, identified actions and continuous development of environmental performance
  3. Biffa to support and advise on looking at how food waste can be reduced and recycled across the Academies, with options for biodegradable and anaerobic waste

Social Value

An eco programme, that will include;
  1. Supporting a Joint litter picking campaign where Biffa will provide the liners and pickers
  2. Free annual waste audit, reporting on waste streams to be recycled and eliminated. One recent study confirmed 58% of general waste could be recycled through existing recycling bins onsite.
  3. Sustainability initiatives and programmes for ‘Sustainability Week’; ‘Positive Health & Environment Week and Plastics recycling week.
  4. Creation of bespoke education programmes and the Trust have access to request an eLearning service
  5. Supporting the Trust’s supply chain to remove ‘non’ recyclable products
  6. Working with Parents Associations
  7. Environmental Awareness Campaigns and Fundraising. Working with key stakeholders within the Trust’s and the student board, to encourage onsite engagement through environmental awareness events and fund-raising activities to increase financial support the Trust’s biodiversity goals.
  8. Using the ‘Environmental Calendar’ Biffa will engage with events targeted around specific agendas such as Earth Day, World Bee Day, Every Flower Counts and National Allotments Week.
  9. Biffa allow each employee 1 x paid day per year to volunteer.
  10. Biffa will support the Trust in biodiversity projects at any of their sites and encourages its regional employees to provide support.
  11. 6 hours of dedicated onsite, custom training and education to support staff and students, per term. This equates to 24 hours per annum of direct support.
The project was completed within 16 weeks ensuring the trust were able to fully mobilise in advance of the contract start date.
For further information, contact Lindsay Rosul

T: 07702 823 648