New Procurement Thresholds Commencing 1st January 2020

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Are you aware of the new changes that will impact the Procurement Thresholds in the UK Public Sector from January 2020?

The European Commission have recently published the new procurement thresholds which are to be adhered to from 1st January 2020.  This update follows on from the previous thresholds which were updated and released on the 1st January 2018.

Type of Contract Authority Type of Contract Threshold as of 1st January 2020 (exc. VAT) Threshold as of 1st January 2018 (exc. VAT) Increased Amount
Central Government Goods & Services £122,976.00 £118,133.00 £4,843.00
Sub Central Authorities Goods & Services £189,330.00 £181,302.00 £8,028.00
All Works £4,733,252.00 £4,551,413.00 £181,839.00
All Light Touch* £663,540.00 £615,278.00 £48,262.00

* Social and Other Specific Services (Regulation 74)

The thresholds represent the aggregate value of any Goods, Services or Works procured for, over the lifetime of a contract, and apply to all UK Public Sector organisations.  The thresholds are reviewed and updated every two years.

Do you need support with getting up to speed with the changes or ensuring your Procurements are complaint with OJEU and PCR 2015?

Value Match have a wealth of experience of delivering effective procurements in both the Private and Public Sector.  Our Procurement Consultants are experienced in delivering some of the largest procurements in the UK Public Sector and have a track record of delivering both cash savings and process efficiencies.

If you’re going out to market in the new year and would like your documents to be reviewed prior to publishing, ensuring its fit for purpose and compliant or would like any more information on how Value Match can support your organisation please check out the following links or contact:

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For any specific requirements relating to the recruitment of Interim or Fixed Term Contract staff did you know you can also engage compliantly with Value Match via the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) RM6160 Framework Agreement for the provision of Non-Clinical Temporary and Fixed Term Staff? This Framework can be accessed by the entire UK Public Sector and provides you with a complaint route to engage with specialists such as Value Match to find the best in class talent.

For further information, contact Lindsay Rosul

T: 07702 823 648