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Keeping up with the pace of change as organisations and their people navigate a new working world in the face of the current pandemic brings challenges for everyone: adjusting to new methods of work, independent thinking and rising to meet new demands.  As procurement experts, Value Match are uniquely placed to help staff get to grips with the fundamentals of buying and developing a social value strategy.  With social value rising in prominence and importance at the current time, an organisation’s ability to upskill its people and develop their knowledge creates a significant competitive advantage.  Procurement has a critical role to play, and to emerge faster and stronger from the COVID-19 crisis, organisations should start upskilling their people – giving them the tools and confidence to learn and develop independently their knowledge of these key areas.

Valuing people is critically important – everyone wants to work for an organisation that has their best interests at heart and is investing in them and their careers.  Training your people gives them encouragement that their skills won’t become obsolete, and shows you care about their futures.  It also boosts morale, giving people a better outlook once armed with certificates of achievement that they have passed courses that have given them a clear focus on the importance of procurement, how it can create social good, and exploring the differences between the public and private sectors.

To unlock the potential in people and create sustainable growth for organisations that ultimately can benefit the wider community and local economies, organisations are transforming how they work, and people are transforming how they learn.  At the forefront of the revolution in online learning has been Me Learning, a company that has already delivered training to over 800,000 people using best-in-class virtual courses developed over 14 years and in collaboration with over 600 private and public sector.

Value Match are proud to partner together in the spirit of cooperation that is needed in these times, and Me Learning have helped us ensure that the learning offered can be fun, engaging, and delivered at a pace that suits the learner, but also challenges them to pass courses to obtain certification to demonstrate their learning.

We are currently offering courses in procurement fundamentals, bidding fundamentals for companies that have offerings to the public sector at this critical time, and social value training.  There has never been a more important time for organisations to face up to their responsibilities and invest in their people and in creating social good. Understanding also the need for cost efficiency, these courses, with more being rolled out so learners can continue to develop their learning journey, are cost-effective for organisations and can transform your organisation.

Learn more about how you can show a commitment in valuing your people by contacting Lindsay for information on the suite of training available for both public and private sector clients and how we can make it cost-effective for you and help you deliver more social good.

For further information, contact Lindsay Rosul

T: 07702 823 648