Roles and Responsibilities of a Bid Team

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Any organisation serious about winning tender needs to understand the importance of having a carefully assembled bid team.  Having a successful bid team will place your organisation in the strongest position when it comes to retaining customers and securing business.  To ensure the bid team has a chance of winning any tenders, its often a good idea to work out your bidding strategy.  Often it can be left solely on one individual to pull all the various aspects of the bid together. This can be avoided by creating a Bid Team.

Inside all organisations its critical to have a mutual understanding of what exactly the bid team need to deliver.  This is vital as the bid management process will bring together all the key stakeholders.

Who should be in the bid team?

The bid team need to be assembled with the bid in mind and the members of the team should bring something unique to the bid.  Each Bid team doesn’t necessarily have to follow the same structure as bid can often be very specialist or very different fields.

This is a typical Bid Team:

Bid Manager: The Bid Manager will act essentially as project manager and is responsible for end-to-end processes; they have numerous roles and responsibilities when it comes the smoothness of how the team is run.  They will choose the core team, informing the team on the understandings of the bids and when the deadline is.  The Bid Manger is also granted access to previous bids, case studies and is expected to gather any certificate or insurance documents.

Core Team: The roles of the core team are to ensure the evaluation of the tender is completely understood.  They need to break down the requirements of the tender and to craft a response strategy.

Support: Often a mix of external and internal resources, they may sometimes call from various places around your organisation.  This will often be one of the bid managers roles to assemble the support.

Proof Reader/Copy Editor: The significance in submitting a clear, concise and error free tender is often what can make or break the chances of winning a bid.  They bring a fresh pair of eyes to the tender and my spot errors that could’ve been overlooked.  The proof reader will often add a professional polish to the polish on the bid which could be the difference between winning and losing.

The full stop on any successful and effective bid team is in the relationships amongst the team and how individuals are perceived and respected.  The team always needs to be creating solutions never problems, this is were taking ownership of tasks and leadership are critical.

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