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With the UK leaving the European Union (EU) last week, the Cabinet Office have updated their procurement guidance for Public Sector organisations;


In short, there are no planned changes to the way Public Sector organisations must buy their goods and services.  They must continue to follow the EU Public Procurement Directives and UK Public Procurement Regulations until 31st December 2020.  This will allow for the transition period as the UK exits the EU.

What happens after the 31st December 2020 is currently unknown and will ultimately depend on what is developed as part of the “agreement” to exit the EU and how the government intends to take forward public procurement and necessary reform.  Public Procurement isn’t one of the highest prioritises currently being discussed as part of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, so it may be sometime before the changes are finalised and implemented into UK law.

In the meantime Public Sector Organisations who are bound by the Public Contract Regulations 2015, must continue to follow them and the EU Treaty principles of being fair, open and transparent when procuring goods and services.  Value Match will continue to monitor guidance and relevant publications to ensure you are all up to date with the impact.

For suppliers responding to Public Sector tenders we do not anticipate any major changes to key processes or documentation that you are currently already responding to.  However, we do believe there will continue to be changes in approaches to areas such as social value and local economic development.  Value Match are specialists in supporting suppliers successfully compete and win Public Sector contracts.

Our team at Value Match are built up of experienced Public Sector Procurement and Bid Management Professionals who have worked with Buyers and successfully helped Suppliers win work in the Public Sector.

We understand the Public Sector bid/tendering process and have achieved demonstrable results by implementing best practice and by helping our clients win new or retain existing business in both the Private and Public Sector.  Please take a look at one of our Case Studies where we supported one of our Clients to score optimum marks on the qualitative questions in their next tender submissions after a series of unsuccessful attempts at bidding. 

Value Match provide; Bid Writing, Bid Review, Bid Training and a variety of Bid and Procurement Consultancy and Recruitment support services to provide you with expert resource and additional quality assurance (QA) to support your organisation through any stage of any live or previous bid/tender process.

For further information, contact Lindsay Rosul

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