Value Match are proud to be partnering with Billmonitor

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Value Match are proud to be partnering with Billmonitor – whose insights and technology can save businesses and organisations (including large corporations, SMEs, charities, and the public sector) on average 49% on their mobile phone tariffs.

At a time when local authorities and businesses all over the UK need to find savings that can be reinvested elsewhere, whether in dealing with the current pandemic,  reinvesting in local communities, or delivering any of their social value objectives, Billmonitor have a proven track record (featured in The Times and recommended by MoneySavingExpert and MoneySupermarket) in releasing cashable savings.

Value Match co-founder, Jo Parkes-Newton, worked extensively with the Billmonitor team to determine their values and ensure both companies are aligned in our beliefs and our desire to help the public sector and charities.

Billmonitor share our belief that all organisations should be purpose-focused and value-driven to address social and economic inequalities, positively impact the environment and bring real cost savings.

Billmonitor have saved St Bart’s Cancer Research Institute 42%, you can view this impressive case study here.

Value Match believe this is just one example of success that can be replicated easily elsewhere in the NHS at this critical time or in other public sector bodies.

At Value Match, we believe this kind of innovation is needed to drive savings and develop sustainable prosperity in local economies.

For an introduction to how Billmonitor can help your organisation, click here – be sure to quote Value Match 2020 to avail of an additional Value Match discount.

They are 100% independent and remuneration is completely success-driven as they charge a percentage of actual savings achieved.  So, if there’s no saving, there’s no fee.

For further information, contact Lindsay Rosul

T: 07702 823 648