3 Actionable Steps to Improving the Environment at Work

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The way we work is changing, a recent study found that around 60% of the UK’s adult population are working remotely.  This means that now more then ever its key to understand the small steps we can make to benefit the climate and environment.  Working remotely provides us with an opportunity to make small changes in our day-to-day lives.  At Value Match we have always been remote, even before the pandemic so for us we needed to consider how we could take further steps to improve.

  1. Choose Eco-Friendly Producers

This one is key, as a business and consumers, the power is in our hands and purposely choosing a environmentally friendly organisation demonstrates your environmental commitments.  As the environment is now at the forefront of most people’s minds, choosing an eco-friendly producer will encourage more people and organisations to follow.

We work with our partners to ensure they are environmentally friendly.  Our partner, Circular Computing offers environmentally friendly, remanufactured laptops which we provide to our teams. By purchasing a laptop from Circular Computing, we offset it’s manufacturing through tree planting, saving 316KG of CO2 and stopping e-waste.  Read more about our partnership with Circular Computing here.

  1. Eco-friendly Search Engines

We have previously written about how using a different search engine can contribute positively to the environment.  There are hundreds of search engines that off unique eco-friendly solutions.  Some help the rain forested other help the sea.  They’re fantastic alternatives to Google that provides environmental and community benefits.  Continue reading…

  1. Offset your Carbon Footprint

We have been tracking and offsetting our carbon footprint for two years with Carbon Footprint Ltd.  Following their recommended measurement and auditing tools, Value Match were able to become Carbon Net Positive and offset our carbon usage as well as half our emissions through continued use of conference videoing software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Overall, Value Match believes in enhancing our environment through the way we operate and championing environmental best practices and delivery through our service lines.  Our library has freely downloadable research papers, eBooks and guides that highlight the best practices in improving the environment and climate.