Social Value Matters Conference 2020

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Value Match are proud to be part of Social Value Matters 2020 conference, to share the experiences of communities in the UK and learn from the success of others to apply changes to improve the lives of all of the people we impact.

Social Value Matters brings together the global and local urgency to address the pressing issues of our time – well being, inequality, and environmental degradation.  Social Value Matters will cover topics including;

  • Our Post-COVID Future: Building a Sustainable Economy
  • Reconciliation and the Social Value Agenda
  • Dismantling Racism will Create Value for Everyone
  • Inequality and Climate Change
  • Creating Social Value: Policies, Tools & Levers
  • Community-Driven Outcomes with Scalable Results
  • Wellbeing as a Lens for Impact
  • Sustainability is Financial, Environmental and Social
  • Practitioner Conversations

Social Value Matters commences on the 28th through to the 30th September.  You can register today by clicking here to receive 25% OFF.

David Shields, our CEO will be hosting two webinars at the event, The Potential of Procurement to Solve Wicked Problems (29th September, 16:45) as well as Are the Dollars You Spend Supporting your Local Economy (30th September, 19:00).  David will be joined by Major Lisa Helps (Major of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) and Major Josie Osbourne (Major of Tofino, Vancouver, Canada)

At Value Match, our values run through everything we do, including valuing people, the environment,  sustainable prosperity and relationships, this is why relationships, locally and internationally, are vital to how we work and create social value.

Communities all over the world have experienced drastic change, whether through environmental changes or the recent Covid-19 pandemic, and the pace of change is accelerating, but so can the response of companies all over the world.

Now, more than ever, there is the potential embed social value through everything we do and ensure we make significant contribution to every level of society and within each of organisation we partner with.

Value Match are proud to share our voice at Social Value Matters and help build a sustainable future.