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Tender Submission Letters – Introducing the Potential Supplier to the Buyer

A frequently asked question from our customers is what to include in a Tender Submission Letter, in this article, we will provide a simple guide to writing an effective tender submission letter to help ensure that you can make a positive first impression with the buyer.

Always remember if you aren’t successful in winning specific work with the buyer, overall writing a tender can often ensure that you learn for future bids, feedback will be provided on your submission from the Buyer so it is always useful you get this to help improve for bid submissions for other future opportunities you prepare for.

Formats of a Tender Submission Letter do vary and should be tailored specifically to what the buyer is looking for and what your company wants to highlight.

Download our guideline and indication on what should be covered before submitting your tender submission letter.

As the download demonstrates, a Tender Submission Letter doesn’t need to be overthought, and should be kept as a brief summary of what is included in your overall submission.  It should outline the key characteristics and advantage of appointing your organisation and highlight the strengths of your tender submission.

However, this doesn’t mean that the importance of the cover letter should be reduced, the quality of this letter can be reflective of the quality of the tender submission by the Supplier, and helps provide a positive first impression.  Make sure you put time into your letter, follow a simple structure, like the above, and add some value to your submission by ensuring the Buyer knows exactly what they are about to read.

If you have any questions in regards to responding to bids/tenders, would like your bid/tender submission letter or full submission reviewed by an experienced Public Sector Procurement professional or simply would like to enquire about the wide range of Bid Management support services we offer at Value Match, please contact us on 0800 917 7884 or contact our bid management team.