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This course supports entry-level procurement professionals and stakeholders in understanding the reasons for market engagement prior to a procurement.  We will look at why it is beneficial to both your organisation and your suppliers and the most effective market engagement methods to define your best approach to each procurement.

Learning Outcomes

Procurement Cycle – Following on from the Preparing for a Procurement course, this course revisits the four stages of the procurement cycle, including Analyse, which will be the main focus of this course.

Market Engagement Overview – What is market engagement, and why is it so useful prior to a procurement and how to use it to maximise social value and minimise climate impact..

Market Engagement Benefits – Market engagement provides a number of benefits for both buyers and suppliers. This module explores both benefits with examples.

Market Engagement Methods – In this topic, we look at the most effective market engagement methods, depending on your requirements.

Free Downloadable Resources – Several freely downloadable resources available that will help maximise your procurement approach.


Matching Capability with Knowledge

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